Haiku ‘Flood’

Great tide. Glass water

melts across the sterile fields,

as land becomes sea.


Note: this Haiku is a spin off concept from the poem ‘Let’s Save The World’ (Menu, Poems, Let’s Save The World).

Also see Menu, Big Triku, Big Triku ‘Berg’ 🙂

The Bee

(A poem from childhood)

A mile from land, a mile at sea, with gently heaving sails,

a yacht sailed on with water trickling underneath the hull,

the water’s glare’s so strong it’s stronger than the sun at sea,

and in that lonely moment, suddenly, was it a gull?

Some wondering thing, a fragment from another world, a bee!

A mile from land, a mile at sea, sky streaming white mares’ tails,

a solemn, melancholy bee that followed unknown trails.