Big Triku ‘The River’

Gradual hidden

mass scouring rocks – strong sunlight

flashing over black.


The world gently bends around

the silent water, my energy

draining down to the darkness.


Delicate branching

fractals crossing land, pouring

softly to the sea.


Note: this poem is a spin off concept from the poem ‘Swept Away’ (Menu, 2018, Poems, Swept Away)

Big Triku ‘My Challenge’

Towering mountains

reach too high to see. Standing

before them – just me.


Yet sunlight cuts the mist and

I see others standing near. My doubts

disperse, my path is now clear.


We shall climb as one.

And we shall not turn nor stop

until it is done.

The Bee

(A poem from childhood)

A mile from land, a mile at sea, with gently heaving sails,

a yacht sailed on with water trickling underneath the hull,

the water’s glare’s so strong it’s stronger than the sun at sea,

and in that lonely moment, suddenly, was it a gull?

Some wondering thing, a fragment from another world, a bee!

A mile from land, a mile at sea, sky streaming white mares’ tails,

a solemn, melancholy bee that followed unknown trails.