The Path (A Big Triku Poem)

Prickly gorses brown

and grey – flowering yellow

by the blue green sea.


And in between an earthy

path that dips and weaves with stones and shells,

heading through my memory.


Close, far, elusive

as a star, sublime. Other

place and place in time.

Big Triku ‘The Top?’

I turn a corner,

to face the gradual rise

of another hill.


When I reach the end, by the

blue sky, will it only be to see

the path continue upward?


Surely some corner,

before the clouds, will show the

glorious summit?

Big Triku ‘My Challenge’

Towering mountains

reach too high to see. Standing

before them – just me.


Yet sunlight cuts the mist and

I see others standing near. My doubts

disperse, my path is now clear.


We shall climb as one.

And we shall not turn nor stop

until it is done.