Big Triku ‘Brexit’

Is courage reckless?

Is pragmatism courage?

Is turning wisdom?


What did we sing we would not

be? Did we not want to build anew?

Self-respect? Or equity?


Do we fear money?

Maybe our friends do too. We

should learn together.

Big Triku: ‘Beyond’

We find we are here

but a few spins round the sun,

divided in days.


We occasionally think

of our small world arcing on its course

through the massive void of space.


Mostly we forget.

Our blue and sunlit bubble,

here, our line of sight.

Poetic form: the ‘Big Triku’

Dear readers,

I have been seeking a poetic form that is longer than a Haiku, but still related to its structure.

One that is three stanzas long, and also has a longer central stanza, which together enable different opportunities for expression, while still remaining more compact than many poetic forms.

I decided to define a structural form, as follows:

  • First stanza: introductory Haiku (5,7,5 syllables per line respectively)
  • Second stanza: the central pillar (7,9,7)
  • Final stanza: concluding Haiku (5,7,5)

As well as providing different opportunities for expression, it is also palindromic in structure, both within each stanza, and in its overall shape.

It is a nod to the short form of the Haiku, but also provides a bridge to other longer poetic forms.

I originally considered calling it a Triku, but found that term has already been used for a poem consisting of three Haiku, and I actually think that term is perfect for such a poem.

In my brief search, I have not found the term ‘Big Triku’ or this new structure, although I acknowledge it is quite possibly a fault of my research and either or both of these might already exist; I would welcome any feedback on this point. For my part, I have avoided using the word ‘New’ in this post title to cater for this eventuality.

I plan to write and publish poems in future in three main form categories; Haiku, Big Triku, and poems (everything else).

There are lots of opportunities for the ‘Big Triku’, for instance:

  • Pose a question
  • Offer one answer
  • Back-pedal and/or cast doubt on that answer


  • Make an observation
  • Explore an aspect in further detail
  • Explore a detail of that aspect in further detail yet

… and many, many more.

I shall publish my first ‘Big Triku’ poem a few minutes after this post, then edit this post to contain a link to it at the bottom.

That and future ‘Big Triku’ poems I publish will be available from the menu of the site.

To further the liberty I am taking in defining and naming a poetic form, I am also specifying that the plural of the word is spelt the same (as with Haiku).

I’ll tag any such poems as #bigtriku

Happy reading (or writing if you decide to write ‘Big Triku’ yourself) 🙂

Update: link to Big Triku ‘Beyond’: