Big Triku ‘Berg’

Earth’s a ship, softly

carving through the icy sea,

Monster berg ahead.


Slam the rudders to the side,

onward still the hulk will glide, and soon

the futile, dreadful struggle.


We join the sparkling

lights that dance upon the sea,

slowly slipping down.

~ ~


‘Berg’ is, of course, a poem in its own right.

However, it is also based upon, and serves as a study for, a larger poem I am in the process of writing, which is currently unnamed but will be on the general theme of climate change.

Many phrases, that are currently similar in the larger poem, may or may not survive depending how that poem evolves.

I quite like the idea of extracting fragments of a poem under construction, and reworking them into a new shorter poem in its own right, which also serves as a study, and the ‘Haiku’ or ‘Big Triku’ forms are ideal for that.

If this works, I may continue to use this as a technique, and add a quick note beneath any such small poems to indicate that they are also a study for a larger poem in progress.

‘Pride’ (Haiku and Big Triku)

Haiku ‘Pride’

The pride is scattered,

limping, dry season ahead.

Rain clouds will return.

Big Triku ‘Pride’

The pride has scattered

far, shattered, limping. Thirsty.

Dry season ahead.


Flies, dust, wet infected wounds,

pathetic hunger and fear. Sudden

new strength from desperation.


Resplendent female,

hot sun, purple storms. Eyes watch

her only future.