Glimpse of page 15 of ‘Poetry in the camera’s light’

From the south coast cliffs of Guernsey

This photo was taken many years ago, in the beautiful light on the south coast cliffs of Guernsey.

I had no idea at the time that I would one day write a book and include the moment captured in this photo.

I find photos like this remind me of what is important in life, and where we want to be, both literally but also in our minds.

This goes perfectly with the poem ‘Half turn’ which explores, with a sense of elation but also perhaps some sadness for when it is missed, the feeling of enjoying an engagement with nature, and the value of a single day, or that part of a day in the light – the ‘half turn’ while facing the sun.

The words nestle in the plants as I am taken, and I hope you are taken, to that ‘place’.

For more on the book, see

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