Glimpse of page 13 from ‘Poetry in the camera’s light’

‘Let there be a storm’

‘Please, please, let there be a storm,

let the fierce winds shake the trees

and scream across the rocky heights,

the mounting violence shape the seas

with sloping greys and foaming whites,

howling round the rooftops, flicking rain,

spattering against the window pane.’…

This photo, which goes with ‘Let there be a storm’, was taken on the north coast of Guernsey, a little to the west of Jaonneuse bay.

I found the light of the sky and the white spray and dark rocks evocative of an approaching storm, along with the energy of the gulls banking sideways and fighting against the wind.

This particular photo was heavily cropped, but I found that because of its energy and atmosphere, it remained the right photo to belong with this poem.

The wind, while quite strong, was nothing compared to the gales and storms the island can experience, and I hope in future to take photos of the coast in storms, and maybe they will find their way to a future book 🙂

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