Exciting Update – Improved Poetry Menu!

Hello all.

This is just a quick update that the menu system for ‘Nicholas Rowe Poetry’ (https://nickrowepoetry.rocks) has been rebuilt to provide easier access to poems.

‘Selected Poems’ links to poems (that are not ‘Big Triku’ or ‘Haiku’) and currently has 17 poems.

‘Poems of Occupation and Liberation’ has links to two further poems, and two associated blog posts regarding the book ‘In Living Memory’. There are five further poems I have written on this topic which I plan to publish on the blog this year, and which shall appear under this menu.

There are then menus for ‘Selected Big Triku’ and ‘Selected Haiku’.

Finally, at the bottom of the site’s pages, new elements are added, including a Tag cloud, allowing you to navigate to a list all poems with a given tag, and an archive listing all posts made in given months and years.

I hope this helps readers in finding and enjoying poems, both the ones already published, and the ones to come 🙂

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