While writing last December …

While writing for ‘In Living Memory’ last December, I tried to imagine how it might have felt to live in Guernsey during the Occupation in World War 2 – in a small community isolated at sea, caught in a maelstrom of world events, with life turned upside down, not knowing what the future held, not knowing how long it would be before time moved forward again – waiting out the enemy, holding on – and finally, reaching Liberation, and the beginning of a new future.

And now, it’s March 2020. Travelling gone. Freedoms gone. The world in trouble. And in time, a new Liberation to come.

There’s no longer a book launch event or literary festival for me to speak at, and the exhibition at Guernsey’s Candie museum is postponed – but the book is here, and it’s wonderful:


1 thought on “While writing last December …

  1. What terrible timing. On the other hand, people are reading more than usual. May it find its audience.


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