Book Announcement and Message to Followers

I’ve been looking forward to making this post – I’ve been writing poetry as one of the contributors for a book coming out this April – ‘In Living Memory 2020’ (note post photo is mine – not itself a part of the book).

The book is to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Liberation from Occupation.

My paternal great-grandparents in both Guernsey and Jersey were deported to Germany, and all my grandparents were in occupied Guernsey (my maternal grandmother Miriam Mahy being author of ‘There is an Occupation…’) which makes being part of this book very special.

I’ll be reading poetry and speaking for a few minutes at the book launch event (nerves jangling!) and there is an exhibition associated with the book (although I don’t know yet if poem’s I’ve written will appear in that).

Later this year, I shall be posting the poems on my blog at and on my social media accounts (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook Page, Twitter).

I also want to thank my online followers on my blog and social media. It’s been really uplifting for me to have you liking and engaging with posts – and wonderful to have regulars.

Thank you 😊

3 thoughts on “Book Announcement and Message to Followers

  1. Hello Nick

    Congratulations! It’s lovely to hear of your success. I look forward to reading the collection very soon.

    Best wishes



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    1. Thank you Gillian.

      Also thank you for tutoring an inspiring course. The goal setting exercise was one of the factors that led to writing which I’ve been really enjoying.

      I hope you enjoy the poems when they come out.

      Best wishes,



  2. Good job Nicholas! Take care and thank you for following.


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