Let’s Save The World

Our world’s a ship, a steel Goliath carving

forward softly through the icy sea,

and somewhere far ahead the horrid berg,

a lurking Monster, draws our destiny.

And if the sighting cry of lonely terror

marks the moment when we first take heed?

Then jam the engines, force reverse, slam

the rudders sideways, fight until we bleed.

Forward to fate. Fearless, blind inside,

the hulk continues on its forward glide.

Soon the futile struggle, streaming from our glittering caves,

on to our certain end, to slip beneath the swirling waves.


Will William’s tiger only live in the forests

of our minds? Will the lion be betrayed?

Will the last one hang its tail, survey the world,

lie down to die, its doom by humans made?

Will fields lie sterile, void of insects, birds

or bees? What of diverse ecology?

Will we watch as we poison the flowers and waters of hope?

Will we wait for our lands to be swallowed by the sea?

We let our systems steal our time. We hide.

But time proceeds. It is not on our side.

What on earth are we thinking? That this is even a possibility?


We see the peril.


We know we could avoid catastrophe.


We find we are spinning in a vicious rapid,

can we miss the rocks and rise up to the air?

It may seem too much, but it is not the time to submit

and betray ourselves, to the evil that is Despair.

We cannot leave David to fight the giant alone.

Much is done already so we know

the paths to tread, we know that we must lead,

must vanquish Greed, our follies now must go.

And think, if we can change our foolish course,

how we will stand, imprisoning Remorse.

And how we’ll know, before our time on earth has reached its last,

our stewardship will shine when our children look upon their past.

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