Poetic form: the ‘Big Triku’

Dear readers,

I have been seeking a poetic form that is longer than a Haiku, but still related to its structure.

One that is three stanzas long, and also has a longer central stanza, which together enable different opportunities for expression, while still remaining more compact than many poetic forms.

I decided to define a structural form, as follows:

  • First stanza: introductory Haiku (5,7,5 syllables per line respectively)
  • Second stanza: the central pillar (7,9,7)
  • Final stanza: concluding Haiku (5,7,5)

As well as providing different opportunities for expression, it is also palindromic in structure, both within each stanza, and in its overall shape.

It is a nod to the short form of the Haiku, but also provides a bridge to other longer poetic forms.

I originally considered calling it a Triku, but found that term has already been used for a poem consisting of three Haiku, and I actually think that term is perfect for such a poem.

In my brief search, I have not found the term ‘Big Triku’ or this new structure, although I acknowledge it is quite possibly a fault of my research and either or both of these might already exist; I would welcome any feedback on this point. For my part, I have avoided using the word ‘New’ in this post title to cater for this eventuality.

I plan to write and publish poems in future in three main form categories; Haiku, Big Triku, and poems (everything else).

There are lots of opportunities for the ‘Big Triku’, for instance:

  • Pose a question
  • Offer one answer
  • Back-pedal and/or cast doubt on that answer


  • Make an observation
  • Explore an aspect in further detail
  • Explore a detail of that aspect in further detail yet

… and many, many more.

I shall publish my first ‘Big Triku’ poem a few minutes after this post, then edit this post to contain a link to it at the bottom.

That and future ‘Big Triku’ poems I publish will be available from the menu of the site.

To further the liberty I am taking in defining and naming a poetic form, I am also specifying that the plural of the word is spelt the same (as with Haiku).

I’ll tag any such poems as #bigtriku

Happy reading (or writing if you decide to write ‘Big Triku’ yourself) 🙂

Update: link to Big Triku ‘Beyond’: https://nickrowepoetry.rocks/2018/11/24/big-triku-beyond/

2 thoughts on “Poetic form: the ‘Big Triku’

  1. I will surely follow all your writings. Would definitely make my day reading your #BigTriku

    Liked by 2 people

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